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Subscribe. Calculate. Publish. Analyze. In real time.

Real-time micro-calculations with centralized logging, eliminating compliance problems


Leverage massively parallel and resilient calculations for real time data

Enable unimaginable responsiveness with virtual server based computations

Maximize agility with modern scalable micro-services

Execute in private, public or hybrid cloud

CALCNODE is the solution to all compliance and performance challenges running calculations because it leverages Excel Workbooks and Functions seamlessly on servers in a “High Performance Computing (HPC)” environment either on premises or in the public or private cloud.

CALCNODE allows entitled users to control and execute designed changes to calculations in the HPC environment while keeping user interface simple and familiar.

CALCNODE allows detailed Object Entitlements down to the symbol of transferred data.

Calculation and data retrieval process of Workbooks will be outsourced to an HPC environment but still remain embedded into the compliant release and change management process.

CALCNODE still allows interactive changes to calculations and records them for compliance purposes.