Calculation & Analytics Microservice (CAMS)

Subscribe – Calculate – Analyze – Publish


Subscribe to real-time data from any source

Derive new analytics using Calcnode microservices

Permission, Publish and Monetize

Migrate your existing calculations from MS Excel, Libraries, Refinitiv ATS or other sources

Leverage massive parallel execution across multiple clouds instances

Permission, Publish and Monetize your derived analytical data

CAMS Language Compiler
Command language similar
to Excel functions

Real-Time Publisher
Creates new source and symbols

Real-Time Subscriber
Simultaneous subscription to Bloomberg and internal sources

Multi-Cloud Elasticity and Resilience
Massive parallel execution of microservices in different clouds

Calculation, Analytics and CEP Engine
Invoked by new updates

Real-Time Monitoring
Metrics and states for all running CAMS instances


Import your existing calculations from Excel, an editor or form Refinitiv ATS

Leverage multiple CAMS engines running in the cloud to increase workload velocity

Publish analytics directly via the cloud or leverage existing financial software technologies


Integrate with the ONE Platform for market data ingestion and permissioning

Execute in any cloud

Permission, Publish and Monetize your derived analytical data