BCC Group extends ONE Platform Entitlement Control to Front Arena & Real-time Calculations

FactSet, Bloomberg, Refinitiv, ICE, Morningstar and other major data vendors have long been partners of BCC Group. This trusted collaboration was only permitted after demonstrating compliant handling, distribution, and reporting of their data using the Multi-source Entitlement Control Service (MECS).  MECS is the obligatory and the unavoidable core of the ONE Platform.  As an example, there are many ways to set up Bloomberg EMRS to feed applications with Bloomberg real-time data from the B-Pipe, but few have been accepted by Bloomberg.  We are happy to announce that the “Front Arena to ONE Platform Adapter” is production ready over the ONE Platform. Even better news is that by using this vendor neutral adapter for Front Arena, data from all vendors can be provided to Front Arena in real-time, simultaneously, and fully entitled.  This includes, but is not limited to, Bloomberg, FactSet, ICE, Morningstar, Refinitiv, and inhouse data, all delivered SIMULTANEOUSLY. 

Part of this story also is BCC Group’s ONE Calcnode. Calcnode is BCC Group’s real-time calculation and event-processing engine that connects to the ONE Platform using a non-display application identity in Bloomberg’s EMRS.  This means that new fully permissioned and contractually compliant data elements can be derived from Bloomberg real-time data using the Multi-source Entitlement Control Service (MECS). 

All this technology is fully containerized, making it easy to deploy in the private, public or hybrid cloud as well as on-premises.  

We will keep your posted as this story develops, but we wanted to get the word out! If you are interested in details, contact us at info@bccgi.com