BCC Group leverages ONE Calcnode to modernize algorithmic trading models for a Moroccan client

Last year, in partnership with a large data vendor, we were approached by a client in Morocco to modernize their algorithmic trading models.  While the market is very familiar with BCC Group’s flagship product the ONE Platform that guides buy-side and sell-side firms towards market data vendor neutrality, one of the on-ramps to the ONE Platform is our calculation engine called ONE Calcnode.  Calcnode leverages microservices running in parallel to enable full elasticity while maintaining data transfer speeds. BCC group has been partnering with data vendors for nearly a decade and we have been permissioning and transporting their data for this period. When we were asked to assist with this client, there was very little work to be done. The platform was ready, and we had the vendor approved product called the ONE Calcnode. 

The project is underway, and we will provide updates over the coming week.  If you are interested in learning more about the ONE Platform or ONE Calcnode, please reach out to BCC Group